is peaking at the right time, no excuses, no distractions, no matter what.

Create “Peak Performance” Administration by helping  each member of the team of experts feel equally accountable to that “Peak Performance” at the right time.

The doctors are just as accountable as the Biomechanic skill coaches, as accountable as the physiologists (Fitness Coaches), as Sport Psychologist, as the person in charge of Travel-Accomodation-Meals, as the Nutritionist/Dietician, as the physios, as the person in charge of equipment/sticks/skate adjustments/, as the analytics/video person, as the person telling the “Story”, as the Finance/Marketing/Social Media people, as the logistic person.

Success / Peak Performance is relative.

You have to be continuously different and better than the best.

Your team of people who are creative, innovative,  never stop striving to find a way to get an edge by being continuously different and better than the best.

Once you get to the top, that team of creative and innovative experts will help you create a “Dynamic Model” , one that keeps you ahead by split seconds or way ahead so that it takes them a long time to catch you.

Most of us are part of the 5 % of the people who are absolutely equally critical in achieving “Peak Performance” as long as we all understand that without the right players (80 % of the solution) and the right coach (15 % of the solution), we are the 5 %.

  • 80 % of the solution is finding the right athletes, players (Ideally naturally gifted athletes)
  • 15 % is finding the right coach who lets the athletes/players be creative/productive while still managing to get accountability from these athletes/players
  • 5 % involves all of the other important factors which are equally important, once you find the right players and the right coach.